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YOGA for children

We value, we respect, we are one

As an experienced teacher of Kundalini Yoga, my next step was to train to teach children.  Why, because I believe that the support a yoga practice can offer makes a huge difference to one’s inner peace & wellbeing. I feel this is needed right now for both adults & children, in a world of volatile change.  It gives one something to connect with;  A rope to hold onto in these turbulent times and even a young child can find a sense of balance, harmony and calm in a short yoga practice.

A regular yoga practice will assist children with:

Their physical strength, flexibility & coordination.

Their mental & emotional wellbeing. Helping them to learn how to accept and love themselves & to respect others.

To appreciate their surroundings and that all life is valued.  To support and build a better world for themselves & those with whom we share the planet.

To build focus & to increase concentration, as yoga teaches children to be present, aware and therefore mindful of their actions & how they can affect others.

The classes are fun-based, with the support of  personally written yoga stories that include yoga postures for the children to practice.  

The classes include: breath-work so that the children have a tool to manage stress; Movement & postures to build flexibility, alignment & strength; Mantra & musical instruments to connect to the positive vibration of sound.  

We even find moments of stillness too.  

Recently the children achieved a 1 minute meditation, gazing at a crystal. A wonderful achievement for 8 year olds 🙂 

A mother reflected to me that her son had had a bit of a meltdown yesterday.  When she spoke to him he  said:

“shh I’m concentrating on my breathing”…

A couple of minutes later he said that was amazing.  He didn’t think it would work, but it really calmed him down!  So thank you, he is definitely learning some useful skills with you!’

I currently teach at three local primary schools in Haslemere, Surrey and I hope by the summer to be able to hold a Yoga Holiday Club.

Private & small group lessons for Pre-Schoolers & Parents are available by zoom, please kindly contact me for more information.

Two adorable little hispanic boys sitting in yoga pose
yoga for children

School Clubs:

TUESDAYS 07.45-08.35am
Shottermill Junior School, Haslemere.

WEDNESDAYS 3.20-4.20pm
Grayswood Primary School,

FRIDAYS 3.20-4.20pm
Fernhurst Primary School, Fernhurst

Parent & Toddler Yoga:
from Friday 29th April 22.
Fridays 9.30-10.15am
Maud Hardman Memorial
(Hammer) Hall, Linchemere Road, Haslemere, GU27 3QW.

Free Parking.

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