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Lotus Flower Lifestyle Coaching

The Lotus Flower, an inspiration to happiness and self worth ….

When life offers us hardship we can look to the Lotus Flower for inspiration. A flower that symbolises hope, prosperity and self growth.  However, despite the dark & dirty water in which it grows, it surfaces as a beautiful and radiant flower. Hard times are not always meant to harm us. In fact they often test our hidden strengths in order for us to grow and expand.  To come through as a happier individual with better life choices.  

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour which following removal, left me with an enormous sense of gratitude, albeit chronic fatigue and total deafness in my right ear.  I call this period my ‘re-boot’, for although life was good, I was in all honesty trying too hard.

So my ‘re-boot’ was a journey of re-evaluation where, I ‘slowed down’ &  realigned my energy, giving it to what matters most. My wellbeing & sense of inner truth strengthened & everyone gained the best of me.  It lead to a career change, an ongoing commitment to a nourishing diet & lifestyle & by circumstance, led me to Kundalini Yoga, a devoted & transformative practice that continues to enhance my wellbeing & inner peace.  


lifestyle coaching
Wild and free like the wind

Lifestyle Coaching is a confidential, collaborative & transformative  journey between myself & the client. To support them in raising their awareness so that they can understand with clarity, the  reality of their situation.

The process, through careful questioning and strong listening skills,  allows the client the opportunity to discuss & unveil what really matters now. To break it down, to re-visit their skills, strengths & resources, and to find the first steps towards what they want to do,  or how they want to be & to find the contentment that they seek.

A self-empowering and focused journey to support growth, personal awareness and on-going achievement that will create positive change quicker, than if a person was to working alone.

We all have a unique reason to be here. To be the best of ourselves without undue pressure, but with presence and grace.

lifestyle coaching