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Life is to be Present

Lotus Flower Lifestyle Coaching

I am a Lifestyle Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Children's Yoga Teacher. The transformative experience of Kundalini Yoga, drew me to support others through Life Coaching. The essence of our happiness lies in being true to ourselves & to honour ourselves with Self Value.

Lotus Flower Lifestyle Coaching

In today’s world, we face many challenges. Change is at multiple levels.  We are overloaded with information that is constantly changing. Modern life is  intense, that keeping up becomes exhausting. Frequently our core energy is submerged into a continuous vibe of worry and a sense of uncertainty. This cycle can lead to stress, anxiety and possibly depression, affecting our health and our well being.

However, if we can begin to remove the ‘cloaks’ and demands of modern society, like a lotus flower,  we can merge from the dark pools of self-induced stress and begin to blossom once more into whom we want to be, or how we ideally want to live.

Lifestyle Coaching is a supportive relationship between the Client and the Coach.  A collaborative journey, creating focus and timely actions which are the stepping stones to take you to where you want to be.

The purpose overall, is  To support the Client in realising their potential & allowing them to create new ways of living, working or being. And by doing so, increase their own happiness and self value.

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness and with regular practice, the mind, body and spirit will benefit from an elevated sense of Awareness.

The experience of Kundalini Yoga helps us to work through subconscious blocks and fears that can prevent our personal growth & achievement of our ambitions.

Either coaching, or kundalini yoga, can support you to realise what really is important,  as an individual and to discover ways to make new choices that become part of your life that are sustainable and support your ongoing wellbeing.

To live life to one’s truest potential, is our choice. Sometimes life takes over us. We lose sight of what we really want, or can’t find the time to do anything just for ourselves.

By raising our awareness, we begin to tune in to how to be, or how to do what matters to us today.  

Surrendering to our own sense of self & the importance of valuing just that.

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Life is to be Present