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lifestyle coaching

Lotus Flower Lifestyle Coaching

To believe we can achieve anything we give our time & focus to.

We often have a clear idea of what we want, or maybe what it is that we no longer want.

To make change happen, we need clarity of our reality.  Often, we do not give ourselves the value or the time, to pause, reflect, reevaluate & renew.

To make a sustainable change, we need to understand how balance fits in with our lives, our commitments, our priorities and our values.

Lifestyle coaching supports a person in increasing their awareness of their reality. With an unfolding realisation of their situation and what really matters, with confidential support & collaboration, a person can discover their own ways to grow, develop and to achieve.






Lifestyle Coaching supports the Client in a safe and confidential environment. Effective questioning helps the Client to realise their circumstances, their resources, their skills and strengths.

With an increasing awareness a Client is empowered to identify the ways to make change happen. Whether the end-goal is for a career change, or a way of living change, the journey is of self-discovery.

The experience will elevate your view of life as it is today and renew your perception of where you want to go, or how you want to spend your valuable time, or what you want to bring into your life, or to let go of.

lifestyle coaching