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Supporting young children in finding a sense of calm, whilst building their strength & flexibility.


In September ’21, I begun two Children’s yoga clubs in local primary schools.  It has been a delightful journey and very, very rewarding.

All children returned for the Spring Term with additional new joiners.  I was also invited to offer weekly yoga classes to an after-school club run by a third local school.

Several Yoga postures have now been learnt by the children. A weekly yoga story, (which I write),  is read aloud by one of the children, whilst myself and the others practice the postures within the story.

We have had a great halloween story and a magical Christmas story with each child representing a posture ie the reindeers, the artic fox & in October we all joined together to create a ghost train.  

My next themed story will be for Valentine’s Day and so this term’s emphasis is on the Heart Chakra.

Mantra, they love and there are a lot of very happy faces whilst we clap,  or play simple musical instruments to the rhythm.

Meditation is practiced and the children have achieved a one minute simple meditation, gazing at a crystal and a 3 minute meditation with mantra to open the heart. And every week, we practice pranayam, breath work, including the Bee’s humming breath, the Lion’s roaring breath & the whistling breath.

We have a motto and a set of values, so that each child is aware of our boundaries & of what yoga brings us. 

We talk about various topics whilst practicing the postures, including Sanskrit, the weather cycle and life generally that relates to what we are doing.  So the children feel comfortable, happy and safe.

I hope to increase my offering next summer by finding a venue to hold ‘Mum & pre-schooler’s Yoga’ and even a summer holiday Child Yoga Workshop.

But for now, I am delighted with the progress that the children are making 🙂 & the fun & wisdom that they bring to the session.



lifestyle coaching