The importance of Self-Nourishment ideally should  be our first priority.

Even in the busiest of lives, valuing a moment to ‘self-nourish’, reboots the energy system and clears the mind.

For me, it is a yoga practice. A pranayama, a meditation, a swim or a woodland walk.  If time is limited, the simplest form of self-nourishment for me, is meditation.

If you have not yet tried meditation, you only need to sit or stand with a straight spine and the feet together flat on the floor. (Preferably bare feet on grass if available.)  If sitting, place the hands in your lap and allow the tips of fingers and thumbs to touch. Or just rest one palm on top of the other.  If standing, place arms by your side and allow the palms of the hands to face forward.

Nourishing salad


Close the eyes and focus only on the flow of the breath.  Thoughts will come, acknowledge and let them pass by. Try not to latch on to them.  

To keep the thought processes minimal, in Kundalini Yoga we inhale and mentally vibrate “Sat” and exhale, mentally vibrating “Nam”.  Meaning “I am true” and by repeating the mantra, the mind is passively occupied.

Take a few minutes, three is ample and notice the difference.

The overall effect is calming, nurturing, self-nourishing and the mind waves are quietened.

Food is self nourishment on the plate, but not on the go.

Again, I chose to eat mindfully, seeing every article of food as an opportunity to gain nourishment, to support my health, my well being and to maintain balanced energy levels.

If reading nurtures you, take the time to emerge into a book, to relax and let go.  To absorb one’s mind into another’s story, or topic that they share with you and others.

I think of self-nourishment as a vital part in who I am. So that I am stronger and my mind is clear in my purpose to serve others with my own skills and strengths.  And those  skills and strengths, or ‘gifts’ are individual to all of us.


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