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At last feeling the confidence of people returning to class & wanting to move on....

It has been almost two years since I first qualified to teach and held my own classes in a local venue.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have hosted weekly zoom Kundalini Yoga classes and Meditation Evenings.  These classes really helped me develop as a teacher, so that I had the continued confidence to ‘hold the space’ and share this wonderful and supportive yoga with others.

I have been teaching at local spas and studios in between the lockdowns, but only now do I feel it is time for me to come off-line & begin offering my own classes again in a venue.

I will begin by offering four classes to introduce the basic elements of Kundalini Yoga.  Pranayama, the Mudras, the Body Locks and Kriyas will be introduced and the journey will begin for myself & for others.

If you are interested, you can join all four classes, or drop in to an individual class.

I will be offering more workshops too as we move into Spring and I am looking into offering a Full Moon Meditation evening possibly in a Yurt,  surrounded by beautiful countryside.

It feels that the time is right and this yoga stream is needed.  In fact, it was shared with the West for these turbulent times to give us more stamina and the mental focus to manage the changes that come.

Kundalini Yoga helps us to find balance, mindfulness & a sense of inner peace. The postures enhance the ability to increase self reliance and an elevated sense of awareness.