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Living with duality

You know the look a pet dog gives you, when it waits patiently for for you to make up your mind when "Walkies" is going to happen.

Will it be now, or later, when you have done this, or should do that?

The mind frequently is our inner bully. Constantly driving us forward to what we think we ought to be doing, or nagging us in some way about what we should do next, but rarely does the mind stop to applaud how well we are doing.  Or even to reflect on how far we have come and how much we have done.

To quote Mother Teresa, “not all of us can achieve great things, but we can all achieve little things with a great love.”

When we live with attachment it can stop us moving forward and therefore growing.  We hold onto things and when they change we can be thrown into a frenzy as we try to hold onto what we had.

Or, we can’t move forward because we would have to change, or leave or let go of what ever it is we want to hold onto.  We live in a type of fear, a fear of change, a fear of letting go.


Summer at sea




Change happens around us all the time.  Think of the sea, every moment its movement, appearance and rhythm changes.  Life is like this, a continuous rhythm of change.

Opportunity comes and instead of grabbing it, we ponder on the what ifs, finding ourselves stuck between two possible destinations.  It can be agonising & the decision of what to do, never comes.

Yes, we need a sense of security but how more secure can we feel when we adopt a strong sense of self?

An inner courage that holds self value, self worth & self belief at the face of any potential change or obstacle.

An inner knowing that what is, or what will be, is ok.  

Change gives us inner growth & an outward opportunity.

Think “I can adapt, I am flexible, I am fearless.” and embrace what comes.

lifestyle coaching